Our Mission and Our Vision

Our Mission

B.7.A.V.E. Manifestations, LLC’s mission is to be Boundless, always believing we are R(7)edeemed through love and acceptance, forwarding what we have been Anointed for and Appointed to achieve as Victorious Human Beings who live life Empowered while Empowering others.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to see Black Professional Single Women who are Mothers become positively and powerfully empowered while impacting themselves, communities, the environment, the world, and the nation. In the process, we seek after a healthier, safer, accepting, and freer world. We envision a world where human beings are exactly who they are created to be without bias, judgment and disempowerment.

Our clients will share their positive experiences and outcomes through their actions. This will be measured by an increase of recommendations and sponsoring of their peers and other clients, sharing our programs and services with their network and communities while expanding their reach to help others become B.7.Ā.V.E. Leaders in their industries and within their homes as they live out the B.7.Ā.V.E. Manifestations core values. Additionally, it will be measured by having our services provided within corporations, communities, and families to see an increase in positive influences and impacts on the world.

We see B.7.Ā.V.E. Manifestations, LLC as a household name, brand, and a lifestyle.